When it all comes tumbling down: an update on my health & colonoscopy round 2

So it’s been awhile since I’ve last updated you all or even have written on this blog. Obviously for good reason, I swear. Last I wrote was just before my appointment on August 14th and after that point I just didn’t know how to update you guys- everything was so up in the air. ButContinue reading “When it all comes tumbling down: an update on my health & colonoscopy round 2”

I Am My Own Worst Enemy

** disclaimer: I have updated my post to hopefully more accurately get my message I wanted to across. Remember everyone is different and how I handle things I understand is not going to be the same for everyone else 🙂 I have decided to take a break from my blog and myself really, to tryContinue reading “I Am My Own Worst Enemy”

The Problem with Getting Better

Well better might be a strong word. I mean I am WAAAAAY better than I was a couple weeks ago that’s for sure, but I’m still struggling day to day. It’s just easier to suck up now. But there are some downfalls to starting to feel like you’re that much closer to feeling “normal” again.Continue reading “The Problem with Getting Better”

Travelling with Humira: My Experience

Hello dear readers, I am back from vacation! And this time it really was a vacation (unlike Disney World, where I needed a vacation from that vacation). I am so fortunate to have amazing and supportive friends who may not exactly know what I’m going through, but do try to understand and be there forContinue reading “Travelling with Humira: My Experience”

Prednisone & Humira just don’t like me

Hello dear readers, It’s been a week! This month I have definitely been slacking with the blog posts, which is a bummer because I have even planned my posts for the month, but unfortunately I didn’t really plan ahead at looking at my energy levels- which lately feels non-existent! My update: I have decided toContinue reading “Prednisone & Humira just don’t like me”

The Downsides & Upsides

This will be an update post on my progress so far. It’s officially been a week since my loading dose of Humira and we are now officially down to 20 mg of Prednisone (I’m halfway there). I start going down 0.5 mg each week for Prednisone and then this coming Saturday I take 80 mgContinue reading “The Downsides & Upsides”

Humira & Me: My First Experience

Warning: explicit language and lots of details about poop (no surprise) Yesterday was Humira day. Can you believe it? It all happened so fast. Let’s rewind a little bit here. So like I said in my last post, our choice was to start with Humira because it just seemed like a better fit for myContinue reading “Humira & Me: My First Experience”

Hello Humira

Well it’s official, I have been given the go ahead to start Biologics and the winner was Humira. I finally got to see my specialist and I think it came at a perfect time. Tomorrow I am starting 5 pills a day and it’s really starting to kick my butt. My ear infections have been goingContinue reading “Hello Humira”