Happy 1 Year to Me

Well, today is officially the day where one year ago I underwent a colonoscopy and was officially diagnosed. Although I made a post not that long ago about first being sick, your diagnosis date is a pretty monumental day. There is no more “it could be this, or this, or this” “Let’s hope it’s justContinue reading “Happy 1 Year to Me”

My Experience with Humira

First off, I would like to say that I am doing a lot better than I was a couple weeks ago. Prednisone may be the devil’s pill, but it really does work wonders fast. Just usually comes with a cost. I did see my doctor today and it was decided that we should just jumpContinue reading “My Experience with Humira”

Treatment Plan #2

I swear, I intended to write this earlier but 1) It was my birthday this weekend (YAY) and 2) mother nature has graced itself upon me and I have been a shrivelled up shrew thanks to her visit. Nothing like having blood come out of both ends to kill your energy…… But my news update:Continue reading “Treatment Plan #2”