About Me


My name is Brittany Imperadeiro. I am a 20 something year old who graduated from university for psychology and am currently working on my Masters for Counselling Psychology. I have a love for food, naps, comics, books, and anything related to horror and crime.

On January 10th, 2017 I was diagnosed with distal Ulcerative Colitis. On August 29th, 2017 I was newly diagnosed with pancolitis. This is my journey as I navigate through this new chapter in life with my chronic illness.

I chose the name Shits and Giggles because usually when I’m faced with a serious situation in life I try to handle it with humour and look for the brighter side of things. I mean we are talking about a girl who’s body is just falling apart. Mutant guts, bionic hearing (but not actually because even with a hearing aid I say “what” a lot still), I may or may not break out into an asthma attack near birch trees, and this is just the tip of the iceberg! So why not laugh, especially when your illness literally makes you shit a lot….

Hope you enjoy my journey and find some solace in knowing that you’re not alone or at least get some humour from it!

**Please note, I do not own the rights to most of the photos used on this site. Most photos were found through Google images or Pinterest unless they are my personal photos. 
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