What is Prednisone?

Prednisone is one of those steroids that’s fairly well known within the community, for good and bad things. I myself had heard more bad things than good things, so hearing that I would be going on it worked up some serious anxiety within me. The word steroids in general is such a scary word. So whatContinue reading “What is Prednisone?”

Week 1 of Prednisone

Well it’s official, I have survived my first week and a bit of Prednisone. Victory dance! Now I know some of you are like “It’s only been a week, simmer down.” But I will have you know, that this is the first treatment plan that my body hasn’t rejected within that week span. I hadContinue reading “Week 1 of Prednisone”

Treatment #3

They say third times the charm, right? Well, I really hope so. Yesterday I was finally able to see my doctor and nurse practitioner to discuss my upcoming future. After reviewing symptoms I was having on my Cortiment and Imuran treatment, it was decided this still wasn’t working. Symptoms included: Complete loss of appetite dueContinue reading “Treatment #3”

Treatment Plan #2

I swear, I intended to write this earlier but 1) It was my birthday this weekend (YAY) and 2) mother nature has graced itself upon me and I have been a shrivelled up shrew thanks to her visit. Nothing like having blood come out of both ends to kill your energy…… But my news update:Continue reading “Treatment Plan #2”

When Shit Gets Tough (Literally & Figuratively)

I’ve been M.I.A. for a bit and I was working on a different post, but honestly this last week has been tough. I’m rejecting Mezevant. I’ve been fighting head aches on and off since I started, but headaches aren’t unusual for me. My redflags were more that I felt like I was getting worse notContinue reading “When Shit Gets Tough (Literally & Figuratively)”


I think today will be a two post kind of day. First up: Treatment plan as I had promised So, remember my last post how I talked about missing my old life? Well LIFE would have it that, that would be the same night where I would react badly to a medication I’m on and projectileContinue reading “Treatments”

Colonoscopy Prep Sucks

But actually. I was so worked up over the procedure itself that little did I know, that would be the best part about the whole process. Now I don’t know about anyone else’s experience or what they had to do, because maybe it’s different for everyone! But here was my experience. First off I got aContinue reading “Colonoscopy Prep Sucks”