Travelling with Humira: My Experience

Hello dear readers,

I am back from vacation! And this time it really was a vacation (unlike Disney World, where I needed a vacation from that vacation).

Canada Place, Vancouver

I am so fortunate to have amazing and supportive friends who may not exactly know what I’m going through, but do try to understand and be there for me. My friend that I travelled with was so amazing. We slept in everyday, we paced ourselves so that I wasn’t too tired and could actually last a whole day, we planned ahead but still made sure our day wasn’t too packed, we took breaks when I needed, and she always helped me locate washrooms when times called for it.

Capilano Suspension Bridge Park, North Vancouver
Sea Lions @ Vancouver Aquarium

We had such a fun time! We saw Bastille live, which was beyond amazing and on our adventures back to our hotel managed to somehow get a limo back for less than it would have costed us to cab. We went to the Suspension Bridge and were one with nature, walked around the seawall and Stanley Park, went to the aquarium and got to pet stingrays, went to Granville Island, and then of course did a little bit of shopping. We may have also indulged ourselves in wine most evenings.

Bastille performing at the Thunderbird Arena

But the real purpose of this post was to tell you my experience travelling with Humira! Now keep in mind I did travel domestic, so they may be a little more lenient compared to international flights. But overall it was a great experience.

When I initially got my care package from Humira they gave me this nifty travel packet that even came with cold packs. This was the perfect size to hold a box of Humira and still have room for all the ice packs. I brought both needles even though I only needed one needle, just in case one accidentally fired during the flight or got crushed (although I imagine that would be hard to do). Luckily none of this happened.

Travel Pack given by Humira with ice packs on bottom, sides, and top

So going through security, I just pulled it out of my case and explained to them it was my medication and that I had a case number if they had any questions or needed to follow up. On my way to Vancouver my case did get searched and they just again confirmed it was medication; however on my way back from Vancouver it was not searched! They didn’t even bat an eye!

The ice packs kept my needles cold for the whole flight and when we got to the hotel I just popped them in the mini fridge. Sunday was the day I actually had to give myself the injection and it went better than the last two times. I mean I still swore like a little sailor but I learned numbing the injection spot with an ice pack before you give yourself the needle and keeping it out for 30 minutes before makes such a difference. Definitely make sure you have all the necessary supplies including gauze, alcohol wipes, and Band-Aids (just in case you bleed a little more). I couldn’t bring my sharps container so I just popped the used needle band into the original box and brought it back home with me to safely dispose since I had to bring my other needle back. You could also just put it back in the original box and drop it off at the nearest pharmacy if that’s not an option you’re comfortable with.

Prepping for my shot at the hotel room

My plane experience this time around was a lot better, but it was less than a two hour flight. Humira does give me really bad gas pains, which was a little uncomfortable but we got through the flights with no problems and no accidents.

Hopefully anyone else who has to travel with Humira has a good experience. I’ve heard for longer flights, if you talk to your flight attendants you can even get them to store it on their in-flight fridge.


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