Travelling with Humira: My Experience

Hello dear readers, I am back from vacation! And this time it really was a vacation (unlike Disney World, where I needed a vacation from that vacation). I am so fortunate to have amazing and supportive friends who may not exactly know what I’m going through, but do try to understand and be there forContinue reading “Travelling with Humira: My Experience”

Prednisone & Humira just don’t like me

Hello dear readers, It’s been a week! This month I have definitely been slacking with the blog posts, which is a bummer because I have even planned my posts for the month, but unfortunately I didn’t really plan ahead at looking at my energy levels- which lately feels non-existent! My update: I have decided toContinue reading “Prednisone & Humira just don’t like me”

The Downsides & Upsides

This will be an update post on my progress so far. It’s officially been a week since my loading dose of Humira and we are now officially down to 20 mg of Prednisone (I’m halfway there). I start going down 0.5 mg each week for Prednisone and then this coming Saturday I take 80 mgContinue reading “The Downsides & Upsides”

When Anxiety Takes Over

Prednisone kicks some serious butt! I’m beginning to wonder if the evils outweigh the good at this point. Well, that’s not entirely true. I KNOW right now they do. I’m doing a lot better, but these new symptoms are really consuming me. Joint pains– never had it before and can definitely say I am notContinue reading “When Anxiety Takes Over”

Starting Over

This mostly is going to be more mushy and feely because this time I want to focus on mentally what I’m going through. People keep saying “you’re so strong and so positive. Keep it up.” and I always kind of stare in bewilderment. Me? Strong? Maybe positive, but I don’t know about strong. I cryContinue reading “Starting Over”

I Miss My Old Life

So my next post was going to be on my treatment plan but I’ve had a crappy day for flare ups and have just been down. Life changed too freaking fast. Last June I was frolicking around Europe for 5 weeks with not a care in the world (not entirely true given all the bombContinue reading “I Miss My Old Life”

Colitis and Me

Welcome to my new blog! I decided to create this to help anyone, as well as myself, navigate through the confusing world of Chronic Illnesses. In my case, I was diagnosed with distal Ulcerative Colitis. This picture was taken on my diagnosis day. As you can see I am pretty pumped to be in aContinue reading “Colitis and Me”