Week 1 of Prednisone

Well it’s official, I have survived my first week and a bit of Prednisone. Victory dance!

Now I know some of you are like “It’s only been a week, simmer down.” But I will have you know, that this is the first treatment plan that my body hasn’t rejected within that week span. I had only made it up to 10 days of Imuran before I was booted off that and I think my first treatment plan was just shy of two weeks before I started rejecting it, so this is a milestone people! And with so few milestones lately, you got to make the best of it.

So what has my experience been like?

For one, hunger has taken on a whole new meaning. I feel like I am ALWAYS eating. At least every two hours I am. And I can’t even enforce some self-control because the hunger just consumes you. I woke up at 4 am one night with really bad hunger pains and I laid there for 20 minutes telling myself that I was NOT giving in and eating at the most ridiculous hour, but I couldn’t sleep because it hurt so bad. So there I was at 4 am eating a bowl of cereal like a famished animal that hadn’t seen food in days. Or two nights ago I had dinner, then treated myself to one cookie, had some almonds, and then was starving again so I cut up some sausage, and this was all within a three hour period.

I thank god that my boyfriend has seen me at my best before he’s seen me at my worst, because this has probably been the most unattractive time of my life between eating like an animal and constantly passing gas……

Also, does anyone else get crazy cravings? I feel like I am always craving something since I’ve been on it. Like yesterday I would not shut up about donairs and then today I just really want a taco (I’m forcing my boyfriend to have a taco night with me Saturday because of this). But the worst part about cravings is understanding your trigger foods. Like popcorn. I crave popcorn, even more so now that I know I can’t really have it because it just makes my body revolt. And of course my mom bought 15 bags of popcorn (which we never really had popcorn in my house when I could have it so I think the world is testing me). But with cravings all I want to do is eat, so I do eat, and then I remember that I can’t really eat everything I once normally did, so then I play this guessing game of is this a flare up because it’s a trigger food for me or am I just having a rough day? Because there are some days where I can have certain foods and it does nothing to me and other days where it just destroys my insides, so is that a trigger food?

It’s too overwhelming! And it feels like some perpetual cycle. I may have to start looking into some better strategy for my eating here….


Chronicles of my hunger pains via Snapchat

In addition to my consistent starvation (that is a bit dramatic, but it feels so weird going from one extreme to the next) my period has also gotten a royal makeover. Men, feel happy this is not a side effect for you. Dealing with my regular period because of my endometriosis is already such a pain. Now to be dealing with it and dealing with the changes happening because of the medication- I’m tempted to just rip out my uterus.

Normally, I only get my time of the month once every 2 and a half- 3 months because that’s really all my body can handle in a healthy way. In less then 3 weeks I’ve had it twice and if I’m not having it full blown, I’m at least spotting and experience the intense cramping between. And the best part? Sadly there is nothing they can do about it. Again, looks like I will be looking into some hopefully good home remedies to help me out because Tylenol doesn’t cut it and there is nothing more awkward than experiencing such intense pain mid-conversation with someone, where you physically shrivel in response.

This pain doesn’t even include the increased ulcer pains I’ve been feeling! I’ve noticed now that I’m pooping less (we got it down to 2-3 times a day!) I’m experiencing more ulcer pain. I should look to see if this is normal….. I’m still also having the same issue with just constantly rushing to the washroom to pass gas because I can’t completely trust my farts, and this occurs sometimes during the day, but mostly at night when the steroids are probably starting to wear off. And I may not be bleeding as much, but I seem to be passing a lot of mucus, which is why I don’t trust my own farts.

So essentially we are seeing some progress! But you give and take in any situation and as far as I’m concerned, bleeding less and not going to the washroom 13 times is a good start. I’m sure as I continue on the medication I’ll start seeing a lot more of the other common symptoms like the emotional aspects (I have been slowly noticing a change in this) and maybe I’ll develop insomnia (although its beyond me because at this point I can still force myself to nap in less than 5 minutes). I don’t have the moonface yet, but most people didn’t start noticing those changes until they were over two weeks in. I do have a little tummy coming along but no crazy weight gains….. Again, I’m sure this will all change.

But I hope for anyone else just starting Prednisone that you are doing okay too! It was a little scary for me to process, but so far it’s been a lot easier of a treatment to adjust to for myself than the other ones I’ve tried! And always remember, it’s usually not life long! I think my next post will be diving into exactly what Prednisone is!

Have a lovely weekend readers!



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3 thoughts on “Week 1 of Prednisone

  1. Prednisone was the ONLY drug that really worked for me for YEARS, so that’s good it’s helping you too! I felt like it was a “necessary evil”. The good was that once I was awake, I was like, “YAS. READY TO GO.” No caffeine required. More good: increased appetite. However, I had a tough time going to sleep at all on high doses, and one time I cried while waiting in line at a bakery because I couldn’t decide between a blueberry muffin or a blueberry scone (mood swings much?) haha. I also had a hell of a moon face, but you know what? It worked! And the only one who noticed my “moon face” was me. Friendly advice (I know, people are ALWAYS trying to give you advice with this disease), but research getting on a Vitamin D supplement while on Prednisone- it can be tough on your bones, and Vitamin D will keep them healthy. Good luck to you! ❤

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    1. LOL bless your soul for this comment because I needed a little bit of a laugh. I’m just starting to notice the mood swings as yesterday was the first day I ripped on my family for just looking at me and then 2 minutes later wanted them to comfort me. I feel like I’m becoming like a cat where I’m not sure if I want to rip your eyes out or if I want affection, so I’m glad its really just all a part of the process! But I never thought of the Vitamin D supplement! I will definitely look into that. Obviously anything to help make this process easier is something I’m interested in and it helps talking to people like you, who have gone through it already! Thank you so much for your insight 🙂 !

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      1. hahaha “cat like” is so real. Hang in there! Family/friends/boyfriends are the real MVPs for putting up with us through all of this! But one day you’ll look back and laugh about it, hopefully after remission and without prednisone 😉

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