Gut Immunity- Why is it so important?

Hello lovely readers, It is almost that time of year- SPRING. Just kidding. Where I live, spring won’t be around for like another month or so…. BUT let’s jump into a quick update BEFORE I get into you gut immunity. I have my 8 week colonoscopy Wednesday. We finally get to see if the drugContinue reading “Gut Immunity- Why is it so important?”

Happy 1 Year to Me

Well, today is officially the day where one year ago I underwent a colonoscopy and was officially diagnosed. Although I made a post not that long ago about first being sick, your diagnosis date is a pretty monumental day. There is no more “it could be this, or this, or this” “Let’s hope it’s justContinue reading “Happy 1 Year to Me”

Where I found my strength: Crystal’s story about battling cancer

Now a lot of you don’t know me personally, which is okay. But a lot of you do. Today is a pretty important day for me as it marks the 4 year anniversary of losing my best friend after her own battle with cancer. I have been wanting to write this post for a longContinue reading “Where I found my strength: Crystal’s story about battling cancer”