My Experience with Humira

First off, I would like to say that I am doing a lot better than I was a couple weeks ago. Prednisone may be the devil’s pill, but it really does work wonders fast. Just usually comes with a cost. I did see my doctor today and it was decided that we should just jumpContinue reading “My Experience with Humira”

When it all comes tumbling down: an update on my health & colonoscopy round 2

So it’s been awhile since I’ve last updated you all or even have written on this blog. Obviously for good reason, I swear. Last I wrote was just before my appointment on August 14th and after that point I just didn’t know how to update you guys- everything was so up in the air. ButContinue reading “When it all comes tumbling down: an update on my health & colonoscopy round 2”

I Am My Own Worst Enemy

** disclaimer: I have updated my post to hopefully more accurately get my message I wanted to across. Remember everyone is different and how I handle things I understand is not going to be the same for everyone else 🙂 I have decided to take a break from my blog and myself really, to tryContinue reading “I Am My Own Worst Enemy”

Trying to Find Some Faith

faith fāTH noun complete trust or confidence in someone or something. I remember when I was first diagnosed I had this thought that this was just one set back. I still had optimism. I started this journey with hope. I thought to myself “Okay this sucks, but it’s not the worst thing and I canContinue reading “Trying to Find Some Faith”

Summertime Sadness

I’m not sure if anyone else can sympathize with this or not, especially when you’re not in remission- but summer and my bowels are not BFF’s. And it’s seriously bumming me out. I’m from a city where we have winter for basically 8 months out of the year, so summer is short and sweet. ThisContinue reading “Summertime Sadness”

The Problem with Getting Better

Well better might be a strong word. I mean I am WAAAAAY better than I was a couple weeks ago that’s for sure, but I’m still struggling day to day. It’s just easier to suck up now. But there are some downfalls to starting to feel like you’re that much closer to feeling “normal” again.Continue reading “The Problem with Getting Better”

A Message to Anyone with Invisible Illnesses

I know lately I’ve been posting on here a lot less. I was a lot more motivated to write when I actually had energy and felt better than I am lately. I don’t think I realized how much this has all taken a toll on me until recently. I can nap anywhere at any timeContinue reading “A Message to Anyone with Invisible Illnesses”