All we need is a little love


I have been a little M.I.A hey? So many things have been happening and for once all of them exciting and good.

  1. The clinical trial seems to be going well. I even had moments were I didn’t poop for over 24 hours. It was the craziest feeling. The first time it happened I kept waiting for something to happen. I refused to leave my house out of fear that as soon as I would and there was no convenient washroom or a nasty public washroom- THATS when I would need to go. But it didn’t happen. So the second time I didn’t poop right away, I went out and I was okay! I’m just super gasy as a side effect. But something is happening! I do have my next colonoscopy booked May 1st, so we will officially see if the insides match the symptoms.
  2. School is slowly coming to a much needed break. Ethics is something else. Totally necessary, don’t get me wrong. But so dry. Between papers, fake scenarios to work through, and discussion forums, I also had to find time to balance practicum interviews while still working full time. It’s been such a whirl wind, but it is OVER. I finally got a placement for September, so we are home free.
  3. My bestie and I have been working on a super exciting and for now secret project that is so near and dear to my heart and I am so flipping excited to one day get to share with you guys the news.
  4. I have been attending a lot of local events as a chance to learn how to better myself, work on my mindfulness skills, determine my values, and learn to empower myself and others around me. This has been time consuming as well. But all worth it. One class is a 6 week course on chronic pain management and I’m pretty excited about it!

But yeah. It’s been busy to say the least BUT I am being responsible and taking breaks. I already got the dad lecture from my family doctor and specialist that feeling better doesn’t mean we take on the world. I have a really hard time understanding this boundary, but don’t worry- my body likes to tell me when we are pushing it too far.

Part of this post I wanted to talk about quickly was love. Yes, these past few weeks have been a bit exhausting, but my god have they been rewarding. I have been so lucky to be surrounded by people in my life who just care so much. Who continue to find ways to better themselves and others around them. This empowerment. Ugh, it’s just so beautiful and moving.

Love. Such a huge word and one often tossed around without true meaning. Love is so powerful. It creates a sense of worth, belonging, and strength. We feel valued and meaningful. I work in a junior high and it devastates me to see how many kids just truly don’t feel like they are worthy or lovable. I think we need to take time in our day to spend more time telling the people we care about, how much we truly care. We often assume that people just know, but it’s only when they pass that we realized there was so much more we still wanted to say.

But why wait? Why wait until the moment that it is too late? Start today. Even just little compliments every day can go so far. Kindness is free, but yet it is so scarce. Children need to be heard that they are loved and valued. Adults need validation. We ALL as humans need a little love. And we have to learn how to give a little love to ourselves as well. This world can be so cruel if we choose to look at it that way, but we can choose to see the other side.

That’s right guys- we have a CHOICE.

Ground breaking stuff right here. Any time I hear someone complain, I think back to a video called “This is Water” (I’ll post it at the end of this post for you to watch). It talks about our default setting and our ability to CHOOSE to see the world in a different light. Choosing to see that there is another way to view our situation or scenario. And this can apply to how we choose to see ourselves and circumstances. How we choose to see our clients or kids. We could look at a kid acting up and say “oh he’s just a bad kid” or we could say “well maybe he didn’t get a good sleep last night, or didn’t eat breakfast, or doesn’t have positive role models in his life so I should show him that there is better.” But the difficulty in this is that it requires effort. And for some that is asking a lot. But guys, I am telling you- when you invest even just a little bit of effort to better love yourself and others around you, something changes. You see the world in a different light and it feels GOOD. I feel energized. I feel a little more alive and have a little more pep in my step. And on my worst days I have people there to help pick me up because I have invested time and effort into them- so they want to return the favour.

It’s worth it. And it’s a start.

So like I said, start today. Start by giving yourself a compliment. Start by telling someone you care about one reason why they make you happy or what they did good today. Write them a letter. Do whatever, just do something. Or start by watching this video: This is Water (This was a graduation speech, however the principles apply to everyone- literally the scenario they use is something every grown adult has endured and if you haven’t you are life-ing wrong).

It’s really worth the watch!


Taa taa friends.



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A 20 something university graduate who was recently diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. Follow me and my journey with this chronic illness.

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