Guest post: Chronic Pain Alternative Coverage

Hello dear readers.

Today’s post is actually going to be the long waited guest post. Blake reached out to me in hopes that I could share some information for anyone who is interested, specifically individuals who suffer from chronic pain and just can’t afford their treatments or are looking to try alternative treatments.

Check the article below if this sounds like something you are interested in.

Chronic Pain Alternative Coverage

I think it’s a great article because it talks about the real life struggle of anyone with pain having to most of the time power through it because their insurance does not cover certain medical care such as chiropractors, therapeutic massage, or acupuncture. Or if your insurance does, it is usually a very small sum.

This article is great because it gives you a rundown of the average cost of a visit plus what it could look like in a year and then looks into alternative solutions that may work for you. Some of these solutions include a personal loan, a Health Care Savings account, and Health Care credit cards. They give you easy to read, quick information which includes pros and cons. They also talk about different dietary supplements that have been known to help with certain chronic pains, (which I can attest that Turmeric has helped me a lot with my inflammation).

Give it a quick check and hopefully this weekend I can give you guys a full update on everything going on. Kudos to the people out there who can update their blog consistently. I have a hard enough time keeping up with my day to day living lately. I promise this is not an intentional neglect. This blog is my baby and I have been so honored to have been connected and reach out to so many people.

I will continue!


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