It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year (except for my bowels)

It’s freaking Christmas Eve people! If you don’t know, Christmas is my favourite time of year. IT’S LITERALLY THE BEST TIME.

Our Christmas tree & fur babies

But this was my first time celebrating the holidays sick, and what a difference it makes. I am freaking tired. I used to be able to do it all. Work, wrap gifts till midnight, make cards, attend all the festivities taking place in the city. I started this way too and quickly learnt I cannot do the same things I once did. I would burn out by 9:30 pm with exhaustion if I did. I think I also unintentionally stressed myself out because for the past few days I have had a weird eye twitch going on.

One of the many Christmas events I dragged him to
managed to squeeze in making gingerbread houses as well.

Perhaps my new years resolution should be learning how to just relax better, or not procrastinate.

But procrastination and I are BFFS. I tell people that I’m like a diamond and work best under pressure. Probably not the healthiest but I did managed to write to papers for grad school in 3 days and they both got A and A+.

But anyways, if there is a holiday survival guide for people with chronic illnesses please point it this way because so far my only survival tactic has been naps. Squeezing in naps when I can and just trying to sleep earlier. I’ve also been trying vitamin D and B12 to see if this makes any differences with my energy levels. It’s literally been a week so I think it’s a bit too soon to tell.

I also have my next infusion next Friday! We had a follow up with my specialist and he is super happy with how things are going, but of course a little worried because we were at 20 mg of Prednisone so it was too hard to tell if I was feeling better because of the steroids or because of Entyvio. This month we will be able to tell. If I tank, then it was because of the steroids, but if I continue to feel better it means Entyvio is working!

It’s been so long since I haven’t been sick that I started to wonder what exactly remission is? Will I always feel a little bit of pain when I go? Will I always sometimes have a little bit of blood? Will I always be this sensitive to food? Will my poops always be a weird shape?

I’m not sure what to expect anymore and have completely forgotten what “normal” is sadly.

But I will keep this post short and update you further later in the week. For now it’s time for me to grab another quick nap before tonight where I celebrate with family and friends. I fell asleep at a friend’s Christmas party on Friday because I did not nap. So let’s avoid that.

I hope you all have a wonderful holidays! Merry Christmas!



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